5" x 1.25" Stainless Rigid Plate Caster with Solid Poly. (SU) Wheel

SKU: 16SU50GL9006YY

Top Plate: 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"

Wheel Diameter: 5.00"

Tread Width: 1.25"

Capacity: 350 lb


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Product Specifications

Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Top Plate Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Name

Wheel Core Material

Wheel Tread Material

Wheel Durometer

Shore D 60 (+/-5)

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color

Non-marking Tread

Overall Height


Load Capacity

350 lb

Product Description

Our solid cast polyurethane elastomer wheel features a one piece design that eliminates bonding failures. This reliable wheel is very tough and can be depended on for a long time. It is 100% washable and steam cleanable. It is not affected by grease, oils, cleaning solutions, brine, blood and most chemicals. This is also a non-marking wheel that offers floor protection.

Ideal for food processing plants and applications involving wash downs.

The 15/16 series is a stainless steel alternative to our 13/14 series. The casters in our 15/16 series are constructed of S304 stainless steel. These casters are NSF listed and ROHS compliant.


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