Ergonomic Casters

Ergonomic casters are specifically designed to minimize friction with the ground, offering a range of benefits that can greatly reduce the effort required to move and maneuver carts or dollies. This reduction in force not only lowers the risk of injuries but also helps minimize associated costs while potentially increasing overall productivity.

These casters incorporate several features to optimize their performance. Tapered treads, independently rotating wheels, and round wheel designs work together to minimize both the initial and continuous push force needed to move a cart or dolly. Swivel on swivel designs offer extended leads compared to conventional casters, reducing the force required to rotate the caster and initiate movement while also minimizing side-to-side shifting. Additionally, higher-profile wheels can increase the carrying capacity without altering the wheel size.

Our wide selection of ergonomic casters provides various options tailored to enhance efficiency and reduce the costs associated with operator injuries, ultimately creating a more profitable and productive workplace environment.

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