Caster & Wheel Bearings

Bearings play a vital role in casters by facilitating smooth and efficient movement. Casters rely on bearings to reduce friction between the wheel and the caster frame, allowing for easy rotation and maneuverability. By minimizing friction, bearings enable casters to roll with minimal effort, making it easier to transport heavy loads and navigate various surfaces. Additionally, bearings help distribute weight evenly, ensuring stable and balanced movement. Their presence enhances the overall performance and lifespan of casters, making them a crucial component for achieving smooth and reliable mobility in a wide range of applications.

Listed below are 5 of the most commonly used bearings in the industry. Sorted from most expensive to least.

Annular Ball Bearing

An annular ball bearing is a type of rolling element bearing that uses balls to reduce friction and support axial and radial loads, enabling smooth and efficient rotation. It consists of an inner ring, outer ring, and a cage that holds the balls in place, providing durability and high load-bearing capacity.

Sealed Precision Ball Bearing

A sealed precision ball bearing is a high-precision bearing designed with built-in seals to protect against contaminants and retain lubrication. It offers precise and reliable performance, making it ideal for applications where cleanliness and precision are paramount.

Roller Bearing

A roller bearing is a type of rolling element bearing that uses cylindrical or tapered rollers to distribute loads evenly and reduce friction. It provides high load-carrying capacity and is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as automotive, construction, and industrial machinery.

Delrin Bearing

Delrin bearings, made from a type of acetal resin called Delrin, offer low friction and excellent wear resistance. They are self-lubricating and provide smooth operation, making them suitable for applications where low friction and noise are desired, such as in sliding mechanisms and conveyor systems.

Plain Bore

A plain bore bearing, also known as a sleeve bearing or bushing, is a simple bearing that consists of a cylindrical sleeve with a plain bore (hole). It provides a low-cost and compact solution for light to moderate loads, offering reduced friction and wear between moving parts. It is commonly used in applications such as electric motors, household appliances, and small machinery.