Stem Casters

Stem casters utilize various stem styles to attach a caster to a product. Within our selection, you’ll find three commonly used stem styles: threaded stem, grip ring stem, and grip neck stem.

  • Threaded stems, as their name suggests, are threaded like a bolt and securely screw into a pre-threaded receptacle.
  • Grip Ring casters are inserted into a predrilled hole within the product and held in place by a tensioned steel ring found on the stem, providing secure attachment.
  • Grip Neck stems, also known as “Wood Furniture” stems, are tension-held in a predrilled hole and often utilize wood furniture sockets for added support and stability.

Additionally, we offer Hollow Kingpin casters, which do not come with a specific stem. This allows users to choose their preferred method of fastening, providing flexibility in installation.

Explore our range of stem casters today and select the appropriate stem style to ensure secure and reliable caster attachment to your products. If you need help finding the right caster or have a unique application contact us for a solution.

Showing 1–16 of 554 results

Showing 1–16 of 554 results