About Us

Caster Solutions, Inc.® was founded in 2001 by Greg Glenn on the client driven need of developing custom solutions for the caster based material handling industry. Greg has over 30 years experience of turning unique challenges of material handling into streamlined solutions that work efficiently and cost effectively. He’s built Caster Solutions, Inc.® into a major supplier of caster based solutions to industries in the United States and beyond.

Caster Solutions, Inc.® has domestic & international relationships with caster and wheel manufacturers who can deliver the most quality & cost effective products to their warehouses across the nation. Caster Solutions, Inc.® sources products globally, serves companies throughout the United States and Canada and maintains great relationships with hundreds of clients by offering them technical Heavy Duty Industrial solutions that work. Caster Solutions, Inc.® is recognized as a master distributor of national brand casters and wheels.

What we offer our Client/Partners

Our expert sales staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in the caster industry, making Caster Solutions, Inc.® a one-stop shop for help and advice on all casters and wheels. We work with our clients to understand their needs for every application and provide the correct solution the first time.

Partnerships with major national caster brands enable us to serve clients in a wide variety of industries. We have developed custom caster and wheel solutions for clients such as Boeing, Paccar, Starbucks, Cintas, Terex/Genie Industries, Costco, Fastenal, Nintendo, REI, Disney and Aramark.

Our long standing relationships give Caster Solutions, Inc.® access to a wide breadth of proven and reliable market applications, industry knowledge, testing and engineering capabilities to further ensure that we are providing the best product for their specific need.

Customer Reviews

  • 27NM60JI6017YY

    27NM60JI6017YY ($32.13)
    reviewed by greg

    Switched to these from a cheaper alternative and could not be more impressed. Rolls with ease.

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  • 13UX30J06406YY

    13UX30J06406YY ($23.22)
    reviewed by Shannon M.

    Best caster we’ve found yet. Very easy rolling and needs very little push or pull force compared to our previous casters.

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  • 17NM30GI4306YY

    17NM30GI4306YY ($17.55)
    reviewed by Tom A.

    Exactly what we needed. Doesn’t mark our flooring and doesn’t pick up metal shavings or scraps.

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  • 27SE60JB6317YY

    27SE60JB6317YY ($145.59)
    reviewed by Kelly

    Just WOW. I would recommend this caster to any company looking to reduce employee fatigue and improve productivity. Was hesitant because of the price at first, however you definitely get what you pay for, or more.

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  • 27SE80JB6317YY

    27SE80JB6317YY ($152.61)
    reviewed by William McDonald

    These casters solved our equipment handling issue. they roll so smooth and are effortless to push down the hall now. Best caster’s I have ever seen. Customer Service was great, Thanks Greg!

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  • 13UX30J06406YY

    13UX30J06406YY ($23.22)
    reviewed by Josh W.

    Amazing Caster! Great performance and absolute best roll. Will be buying again, thanks!

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  • 13NM30GI4306YY

    13NM30GI4306YY ($10.86)
    reviewed by Andy J.

    Amazing wheel and it doesn’t pick up any of the metal scraps and bits in the shop. Really nice bearings too. Will be ordering again shortly.

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  • 45SE80JB6317YY

    45SE80JB6317YY ($196.97)
    reviewed by Richard

    5/5 Would Recommend. Outstanding performance and quality.

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  • 57DS80LR2419YY

    57DS80LR2419YY ($206.13)
    reviewed by Lilly C

    Super solid casters and really durable. Awesome price too! I received them pretty quick too.

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