5" x 1.25" Stainless Swivel Plate Caster with Brimstone (GN) Wheel

SKU: 15GN50GQ9706YY

Top Plate: 2-3/8" x 3-5/8"

Wheel Diameter: 5.00"

Tread Width: 1.25"

Capacity: 350 lb

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Product Specifications

Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Top Plate Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Name

Wheel Core Material

Wheel Tread Material

Wheel Durometer

Shore D 85 (+/-5)

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color

Non-marking Tread

Overall Height


Load Capacity

350 lb

Product Description

Our thermo compound Brimstone (GN) wheel is made to withstand high temperatures. Superior abrasion and impact resistance. Excellent resistance to oil, grease, salt, most acids and water. Features high capacities and a long service life. Hard tread rolls exceptionally easy.

Perfect for powder coating booths and bakeries.

The 15/16 series is a stainless steel alternative to our 13/14 series. The casters in our 15/16 series are constructed of S304 stainless steel. These casters are NSF listed and ROHS compliant.


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