10" x 3" Swivel Plate Caster with Cast Iron V-Groove (VG) Roller Bearing Wheel

SKU: 55VG10LT2425YY

Top Plate: 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"

Wheel Diameter: 10.00"

Tread Width: 3.00"

Capacity: 3,500 lb

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Product Specifications

Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Top Plate Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Name

Wheel Core Material

Wheel Tread Material

Wheel Hardness

30,000 PSI

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color

Non-marking Tread

Overall Height


Load Capacity

3,500 lb

Caster Brand

Product Description

Made specifically for use on inverted angle iron track; although they can also be used on flat surfaces. Each wheel has a precisely machined 90° V-groove with a relief groove which enables load equalization. This V-Groove wheel is composed of Cast Iron. It has tensile strength of 30,000 PSI and a temperature range of -45 Degrees Fahrenheit to 600 Degrees.

Excellent for heavy-duty guided industrial applications, assembly lines, paint lines, gates and where precise alignment is necessary.

The casters in our 55/56 Series are heavy duty and forged, with capacities up to 3,500 lb. The series offers matching swivel and rigid casters constructed with 3/8″ thick swivel head from hot forged ASTM1045 steel. The legs are 3/8″ thick and the axle used is 3/4″ thick making these casters hold up to the toughest of jobs. The swivel casters feature a integrally forged 1″ diameter kingpin, main load ball bearings that are 1/2″ in diameter, as well as tapered thrust bearings.


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