Our Nylon wheel is molded from Nylon 6 into a solid white wheel. Completely washable & steam cleanable; impervious to water. Highly resistant to organic solvents, most chemicals and cleaning solutions. Offers high impact strength and exceptional abrasion resistance. Non-marking hard tread has features a slight crown and rolls very easily.

Ideal for use in food processing and packaging plants.

The 31/32/TS medium duty series is constructed using corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, making them an superior option in many industries. This series offers matching swivel, rigid and single-pedal total-locking casters with capacities up to 1,250 lb. These casters use a 2″ wide wheel as standard.

Brake Options

If desired, select a brake option to be installed during caster assembly. Need help selecting a brake? Click here.

None Top Lock Brake (TY) +$7.00 Tech Lock Pedal Brake (HY) +$15.00 Universal Brake (UF) +$12.00
Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Top Plate Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Name

Wheel Core Material

Wheel Tread Material

Wheel Durometer

Shore D 85 (+/-5)

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color

Non-marking Tread

Overall Height


Load Capacity

900 lb


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