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The 27/28 Series is arguably our most popular series of casters and in being so, offers the greatest value and availability.

Swivel-EAZ® wheels are designed to reduce turning and rolling resistance on swivel, rigid, and fixed axle systems. The Swivel-EAZ® wheels also carry twice the load of Standard size wheels with similar tread hardness. With 10 years in service the Swivel-EAZ® wheels alone have shown a minimum 35-50% reduction in push pull.

The patented Swivel-EAZ® wheel opens up creative design options that have never existed in the Material Handling Industry before. This ergonomically superior and maintenance free caster minimizes floor contact pressure with the ability to distribute weight over more than 4 casters on a single unit.

This is a recommended Caster.


Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Top Plate Overall Size

Bolt Hole Pattern

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Material

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color


Overall Height

Brake Options

Load Capacity

1 review for 27SE80JB6317YY

  1. William McDonald

    These casters solved our equipment handling issue. they roll so smooth and are effortless to push down the hall now. Best caster’s I have ever seen. Customer Service was great, Thanks Greg!

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