Our Creform® Stem Series offers several casters that mount directly to Creform® pipes.

This caster features a 4.00″ Conductive Thermo-Rubber wheel with sealed precision ball bearings.

The Nomadic™ wheel is compounded with a special metal fiber to ensure the sufficient conductivity through the line of it. These wheels are tested and approved by Federal Specifications FFC 88C, as well as rigorously tested to exceed Federal ESD Standard.

Brake Options

If desired, select a brake option to be installed during caster assembly. Need help selecting a brake? Click here.

None Top Lock Brake (TY) +$5.00 Tech Lock Pedal Brake (HY) +$7.50
Caster Fastener

Caster Type

Stem Size

Wheel Diameter

Tread Width

Wheel Name

Wheel Core Material

Wheel Tread Material

Wheel Durometer

Shore A 95 (+/-5)

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Color

Non-marking Tread

Overall Height


Load Capacity

250 lb


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