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Automated Guided Vehicles

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Able to turn on a dime, these casters have two separate swivels in their mounting plate to give vehicles the tightest turning radius. Dual swivels also require less effort to start pushing when the wheels are misaligned. They are often used on automated guided vehicles to prevent a vehicle from jogging off a wire path while turning either 90° or 180°. Use them on smooth or rough floors. The ball bearings on the wheel and swivel are shielded for protection from dust and debris.

Automated Guided Vehicle Casters


Light to heavy duty carts | Fixtures | Tripods

Aerospace casters offer high load capacities, able to support the heavy needs the aerospace manufacturing industry mandates. Kingpinless casters provide a reinforced swivel raceway, prolonging caster life and reduce the manual effort needed to initiate cart movement. Kingpinless casters are additionally better able to withstand the stressed applied to casters in towed applications. A wide variety of wheel options are available, and many are non-marking and will reject floor debris in usage.

Aerospace Industry


Light to Heavy duty Dollies | Racks | Carts

Casters for the automotive industry need to be able to take abuse and keep working. We offer kingpinless casters as a reliable, ergonomic solution. These casters swivel easily and have high load capacities. The kingpinless raceway can also take the abuse a towing application may present. Many wheel options are debris-rejecting and will not mark floors.

Automotive Industry

Business Machine

Low profile for Server Racks | Copiers

Low-profile business machine casters are ideal for many applications in technology and office environments. Low mounting height keeps valuable product close to the ground, lowering the risk of toppling over in transit. High weight support – up to 1,000 pounds per caster – means that hefty products, such as copy machines and large-format printers, can be more easily moved. Brakes help secure a machine in place, allowing it to stay near data connection points.

Business Machine Industry

Distribution / Logistics

Light to Heavy duty Carts | Trucks | Pickers

Distribution and Logistics is an in-demand industry, with more and more resources being allocated as e-commerce shopping increases. Reliable casters can help make fulfillment a more efficient and less strenuous task for employees. Our distribution casters have large weight capacities – up to 2,000 pounds per caster – and many feature non-marking, ergonomic wheels which start rolling easily, to provide less back strain. Kingpinless caster options increase mobility while increasing productivity and reducing employee downtime due to injury.

Glass Manufacturing

Glass Handling Conveyors

Our Glass Handling casters are designed for inverted-position use and mounted to convener systems. A specially designed raceway system protects against debris, ensuring efficient swivel operation. Soft, non-marking neoprene rubber wheels provide a cushioned environment for glass sheets – or other transportable objects – to easily roll along.


Flower Carts | Racks | Displays

Maintaining a greenhouse can be dirty work. With plants in constant rotation from growing to sales, reliable casters are a must. Casters on growing benches and plant displays allow for easy transportation between greenhouse rooms, as well as moving for maintenance. Many durable, yet soft-tread wheel options provide a less bumpy ride across uneven floors. Select wheels may even reject the dirt or gravel to keep rolling. Pneumatic options allow for easy transition between gravel and paved surfaces – perfect to assist greenhouse customers to their cars. Please note that prolonged exposure to water and chemicals may cause standard zinc-plated casters to rust. Regular maintenance is required to ensure a proper, functioning caster. For extreme exposure to weather or chemicals, consider a stainless steel caster.

RV & Boat Manufacturing

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We offer robust casters for the RV and Boat Manufacturing industry. These top plate swivel and rigid casters have high load capacities and frequently feature non-marking wheel materials. Many kingpinless options are available to provide a more ergonomic solution when moving heavy equipment or parts and are great for towing or automated applications.


Bellman Carts | Service Carts

As hospitality is focused on customers, our hospitality casters are intended to ensure pleasant customer experiences. Soft tread wheels provide quiet mobility, less likely to disturb sleeping customers. Decorative pneumatic casters look great on bellman carts, and can easily tolerate transitioning from parking lot to carpet floor. Behind the scenes, robust 2″ wide casters provide your support staff with all the strength and agility they need while working to prep for events.


Utility Carts | Mop Buckets

Janitorial services spend their time cleaning. The last thing any team needs to worry about is unnecessary work. Our janitorial casters assist cleaning efforts with many non-marking wheels which reject debris – no need to worry about unnecessary floor damage. These materials can also withstand occasional chemical and water exposure and can adapt to multiple flooring surfaces easily.

Manufacturing / Fabrication

Material Handling | Carts | Fixtures

We offer casters ideal for the manufacturing and fabrication industry, with wide options of sizes and weight capacities to support moving product, materials, and equipment around your production facility. Kingpinless and other ergonomic casters provide easier-to-move solutions which are less likely to result in employee injury. Many non-marking wheel materials are available, to provide more quiet operation while rejecting debris and reducing floor damage.

Marine & Ship Building

Dollies | Fixtures | Rust-free Solutions

Our casters for marine and shipbuilding needs have large weight capacities, able to better assist with transporting parts of, or whole, boats. Many stainless steel options are available, able to resist rust and corrosion caused by a wet or salty environment. Smaller, more light-duty casters are available for transport of tools and equipment necessary in the marine and shipbuilding industry, as well as service carts and other equipment to utilize onboard.


Carts | IV Poles | Tables | Beds | Furniture

Due to the nature of the medical industry, casters for medical usage require special considerations. Exposure to fluids and chemicals often require frequent wash-downs, and quiet mobility provides recovering patients with one less distraction. Stainless Steel casters and Nylon-bodied casters are rust resistant and can withstand exposure to chemicals and washdowns. Precision bearings in both swivel raceways and wheels provide a smooth, quiet ride for both cart and patient. While they may be labeled “medical,” these casters are also great for any environment where chemicals are possible, or when a quiet caster is preferred.

Pharmaceutical / Laboratory

Stainless Solutions for Clean Rooms

Our priority for pharmaceutical and laboratory casters is cleanliness first. Stainless Steel caster solutions are able to withstand exposure to chemicals and water and can tolerate frequent cleanings and wash-downs without degradation. Low-profile options exist for heavy equipment which requires low clearance, such as ovens, incubators, refrigeration units or freezers, washing machines, and more.

Retail Environment

Store Fixtures | Displays | Carts

Casters impact every aspect of the retail environment, from shipping to storing, to displays and shopping. We provide casters suitable for backrooms and storerooms, to easily move product between storage and sales floor. Smaller, decorative casters are great for rolling product displays – easily moved for cleaning or sales reconfiguration. Our shopping cart casters and wheels are great replacement options for tired, worn carts, and can provide your shoppers with a better overall experience.

Waste Management

Trash Containers | Dump Carts

Explore medium to heavy-duty casters perfect for the waste disposal industry. Casters with high load capacities (up to 5,400 pounds per caster) are ideal for dumpsters and trash bins. Brakes ensure no runaway bins. Stainless steel options are ideal for long-term weather exposure or when frequent cleanings are required. Explore the SZ wheel for the pneumatic-type response (higher shock absorbancy) without the need to refill air.